Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thanks Easter Bunny, bawk-bawk

Last night Gryffin asked me how the Easter Bunny got in our house to hide the eggs.  I told him the same way Santa did, so my ingenious six year old frantically started running around the house, grabbing this and grabbing that.  When he was done our front room was filled with a plethora of child-like wonder.  He had drawn the Easter Bunny a picture, set a small table in front of the fireplace with knife, fork, paper towel and three unpeeled carrots.  He explained that the Easter Bunny doesn't like them peeled.  And a brown paper bag decorated with a big bunny, filled with treats he received in class.  Gryffin didn't want the Easter Bunny to not get anything in return for all his hard work. 
Oh to have a child's magical way of thinking again!

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