Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning continuation:

My Facebook page was getting out of hand.  I had so many people on there that I no longer communicated with, mainly because they were friends of friends that I'm no longer in touch with.  I  paired down my friends list and I hope that doesn't offend anyone.  Then again, I had so little contact with these people I doubt they will even notice.  But in the off chance they do and check in here... I hope you understand.

I was recently 'unfriended' by a couple people.  I didn't get offended.  Actually, I was relieved.  They chose sides in a conflict and I'm fine with that.  In certain situations sides have to taken, not in this particular one, but oh well..  I just hope they don't come to regret their decision.  If they do, I have no hard feelings.  They were only given partial information for which to base their decision.  You can't fault anyone for ignorance, just stupidity. 

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