Sunday, December 03, 2006

The week will be a vacation in comparison.

Mr Weatherman, I shake my finger at you. A particular finger, in fact. You are my sworn enemy now. When I have become a kung-fu master or my DNA mutates to give me super powers you are gonna get it!

These pictures show what we went through Thursday night in the ice storm. We lost a good portion of our fence, a chair from out patio set and a lot of sleep. I will spare you the pictures of the front yard, when you've seen one tree limb on the ground you've seen them all.

When I awoke Friday to the devestation I took comfort in the fact that our house did not incur any structural damage and that we still had power. Until 7 am when it went out. Gryffin and I toughed it out until about 10:30 am. It was cold in the house and getting colder. We went to the mall in hopes of power being restored in a few hours. Now, for me to spend a few hours walking around the mall the situation has got to be bad. I stopped a couple other places figuring at least I will get Christmas shopping done. About 2:30 I called Mike and found out that our power was going to be out for days, not hours. We packed our bags for my MIL's. The nursing home that Pa is in also was without power so we had him in tow as well. We left the dogs though, Siberian Husky's don't mind the cold.

We made several trips back to let them in and out between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Being that Mike's Mom's house is over a half hour away we spent a lot of time in the car. By Saturday afternoon we had power. We are one of the few in our neighborhood that has power, even now. Lets just say that between a toddler and a man in the late stages of Alzheimers Mike and I were worn out. We wanted our home, our bed, our remote! I can only take so much TV Land!

Saturday evening we had dinner with Dianne(MIL), dropped Pa off at home and left Gryffin with Grandma. You see, two dogs plus two days of an unsupervised house equals dog hair on all the furniture. Saturday night was spent scrubbing the house down. Mike was a big help eventhough he was exhausted.

This morning I put up the Christmas tree, just the tree no decorations yet. Then I couldn't stand it anymore and picked up Gryffin. Hence, no decorations. Mike went out side to start cleaning up only to realize that everything was frozen solid. He did the best he could considering his chainsaw is broken and rigged the fence to keep the dogs in. Then- football. After a trip to the store for snacks and whiskey. Hey, after this weekend we need a drink! Or seven.

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