Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to knit and quit...

Half way through another week.
Yesterday saw a flurry of activity as I scrubbed the heck out of the house. Gryffin and I have both had colds so everything needed the Pinesol/Lysol treatment. Funny, I feel a little better today. Connection?
Today is supposed to be pretty yucky. Chilly and wet. Since getting a swingset in the back yard Gryffin doesn't want to do anything but play on it. I can't open the curtain in his room for fear of him seeing it, pointing and screaming. But with he and I still having a little throat tickle and cough the last thing we need to do is go play in some wet grass and chilly air.
Mike's efforts to quit smoking are progressing. Based upon the things he's been hacking out of his lungs, that is a good thing. He struggled with quitting cigarettes several years ago and now is quitting smoking his pipe. Sometimes I think its my fault he started to smoke a pipe. You see, some of my first memories were of climbing into my Dad's lap while he smoked his pipe. I remember how wonderful it smelled and how perfect those moments were. But he is not alone in his battle. Turns out my Mom has begun the smoke-free journey as well.
My parents go to the Indian reservation to buy their tobacco. One day, while there on vacation, I walked into the living room and Mom was watching TV and leaning over the coffee table doing something. I looked down and saw that she was using this little machine to roll cigarettes. I looked at her and said, 'You know, some girls my age have Mom's that knit cute little scarves but no, my Mom rolls her own cigarettes!' We got a laugh and since then, rolling cigarettes has been referred to as knitting. So now that Mom is quitting smoking I guess I should expect a knitted scarf for Christmas. Good luck, Mom and no- I don't really expect a scarf.

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Dad said...

"don't expect a scarf"
Good Call There! I don't foresee any actual kniting going on around here. -chuckle-