Friday, October 20, 2006

Christmas is coming, looming, impending...

Ah yes, Christmas. That magical time of year when people forget the true meaning and dessecrate it with packages bought at malls and wrapped in shiny paper that kills innocent trees. Ahhh, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? Oh wait, maybe thats nausea.
Anyway, I'm taking an idea I stole from a good blogger buddy...
Christmas presents, except toys for the nephews, are coming from my kitchen. Whether you like it or not! There will be some people very upset by me bucking the commercial tradition but obviously, they don't have their heart in the right place. With some of them, I doubt they have hearts at all. Ooh, that was cold, am I feeling bitter and disgruntled this morning? Nope, just sleep deprived and grumpy. Please forgive.
Anyway, here are thoughts about what I should put in the goodie baskets that will be supplied:
Pumpkin and banana bread in jars
Caramel cream cookies
Sugar cookies (and not from a mix either) hand decorated
Oatmeal raisin or mabye sunflower cookies, haven't decided yet
Homemade biscuit mix
Homemade pancake mix
and of course, pictures of my little boy... that just woke up screaming. Gotta Go!

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cdorsey said...

Caramel Cream Cookies??? Sunflower Cookies??? Recipes, please!!

I'm with ya on the whole Christmas thing. Just blows my mind. Last year we didn't have a Christmas tree either. Call me Mrs. Grinch...but I just can't see paying $60 plus for a tree that was needlessly chopped down for me to prop up in my house, string lights, etc on it, and chunk it a week later. A scrooge I am, but inspite of Madonna...I am no longer a Material Girl in a material world and I hope my girls won't be either.