Monday, June 01, 2009

Up, up and a weep

Yesterday we took Gryffin to see the new Pixar flick, Up. It was Gryffin's first movie at a theater so we opted for the 3D version. We purchased our tickets and took Gryffin inside. His first words were, "Whoa, cool!" He and I went to look at the 'money wasters', aka video games, while Mike got the popcorn and drinks. Then it was time to pick out our seats. It was a good thing we got there early, by the time it was lights out the joint was packed. Gryffin, along with Mike and I, sat mezmerized by the movie. Not only is the new 3D technology amazing, the movie itself was awesome. Don't tell anyone, but Mike and I actually shed a tear or two. It was a wonderful, magical first expirience for not only Gryffin, but our family. We will definitely be seeing more movies together, but at $50 for the three of us I may have to get a job in order to pay for them. It was worth every penny though.

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