Friday, June 26, 2009

So-so sewing

This is sundress that I'm currently cursing (I mean, making). It's no where near finished. The skirt and waist trim aren't sewn on. The neck strap is hard to see but it's a halter style. Mostly because the patterns measurement of 40" is much different that my measurement of 40". There is a 6" gap in the back of the skirt. Good thing I have plenty of fabric left!

This is my rainy day skirt, hence the umbrellas. I didn't make the shirt, just an old black T-shirt I had laying around.

This is my Hawaiian blues skirt. Palm trees and dolphins, aaaah. So not me, but much cooler than denim shorts on a 100 degree day. Again, the T-shirt is an oldie but a goody from the closet floor.

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Anonymous said...

Love, Love, LOVE them!!! You have so many talents!---Connie