Monday, August 04, 2008

How many ways can I say, "Oh Sh*t!"

After weeks of sitting on my tookis thinking I didn't make it into the Strange Folk Festival, I did! Holiest of all holy craps!
I have sooooooooooo much work to do in the next several weeks. Fusing, cutting, sewing, swearing, you name it- I've got to do it! Not to mention supply buying- with what I don't know cause I just spent my wad on wonderlicious WWII wearables.
Ok Self, calm down, breathe. Dammit, why can't I find a paper bag when I'm hyperventilating?!


Anonymous said...

Great!!! Happy for you! Have FUN while you work.
Love You

Courtney Watson said...

I saw your shop on my vendor list and yelled "woo hoo!!" in my office here at work.

Luckily, they are already aware of my moronic status.

Congrats and see you there!!

beqi said...

Yay! Gossip! Albatross sightings galore! Meat on a stick! Not having to put up a tent! It just gets better and better.