Monday, October 10, 2011

Goal... but I don't score.

This week I am giving myself two goals.  First off, starting this moment I will not spend a dime until Friday (payday), not a penny on gas, groceries or anything else.  I'm going to further challenge myself for the rest of the month to only spend money one day a week.  Outside of regular bills, I'm only going to spend money on groceries and gas.  I will fill the gas tank on paydays only and the fridge every Friday with what we need for the following week.
If I go back to carefully planning out our meals to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and take inventory of what I already have on hand, I know I can do this.  I already know that I have all the food we need for this week plus.  I know that I have a big turkey and some seafood in the freezer, along with some Kiel Basa and frozen veggies.  I have beans and baking supplies galore. 
Secondly, I'm going to make the house spotless and keep it that way.  I stay home all day, less surfing, more doing.  Of course I do need to fit time in for sewing a couple of Halloween costumes, but I'm pretty sure once I get moving, momentum will keep me going. 
You ask why I would make these silly goals?  Because they have been needed for a long time and now they REALLY need to be done. 

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