Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cntrl/Alt/Del- time to reset

There has been a lot of chaos around here lately, all based upon us finding our 'Dream Home'.  A dream home that after some inspections turned into a possible nightmare.  Hence, we are staying put in our little econo-lodge, but we are upgrading to at least 3 star digs.  I'll only give it three because I AM the maid, chef and room service.
So many times people do all the little things they have been wanting to do for years just so they can put their home on the market and someone else can enjoy it.  We are taking this approach, but are not going to be selling.  Here is a little sample of the things I want done:
Fix the guest bath shower and replace the vanity
Lay new flooring in the master bedroom and closet, possibly put in a new window and paint
Replace the master vanity, mirror and light, paint and put in baseboards
Hopefully put in some solar tubes to add more natural light throughout the house
Hopefully squeeze in the funds for a new dishwasher
Move the trash can corral to a better spot in the back yard and relocate some planter boxes for the veggies next year


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you dream home didn't work out, but I like the approach you're taking! Perhaps it was the jump start you needed to do the things you want to your home and enjoy it(like you said) and then your dream home will come along. We were actively looking, offering, etc for over a year, and finally are about to close on our new house. I know it will happen for you!---Connie

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