Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ow, that hurt but you should see the other guy.

Last night I attended a women's self defense seminar at my families dojo (aka- karate school).  It was two hours of butt kicking, man flipping fun.  Mike was kind enough to volunteer to be a 'bad guy' to room full of women.  It was nice to see him get beat on by girls, especially since I got to beat on him for a bit too.
As some of you know, I take private self defense lessons a couple times a month and really love them.  While Mike and Gryffin are dedicated to karate and earning belts, I'm more interested in being able to win a bar fight, just kidding.  But it does give me confidence and a great workout.
Last night I learned so much!  I just have to pass some of it on.
Things that make you an easy target:
  • Slouching, it gives the impression that you are weak 
  • Looking at the ground when you walk, you can't be aware of your surroundings when your looking in only one direction
  • Talking on a cell phone.  We all know that talking on the phone and driving is bad because it distracts you, but walking and talking is just as bad for the same reason.
  • Do not go to your car if there is a large vehicle with no or dark tinted windows next to yours.  It could be your coffin on wheels.
  • Never approach your car if someone is around it. 

Of course, I also learned more fun things like getting out of a bear-hug style grab, always use your palm to hit because if your going to break knuckles- make it your attackers, a kick in the coconuts can even take down a fifth degree black belt- I got some experience in this one, and distract them with a stomp on their foot so you can punch them in the neck.  Now I know you all want to learn these awesome party tricks, huh?

If you do, leave a comment and I will send you info on taking the 8 week course with me next month!

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