Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Check Up

Since it's been so long here's what has happened since the last post:
Gryffin is about ready to graduate to a gold belt in karate, Mike is about to graduate to a green belt.  Myself, along with my wonderful friend Mia have opened Peridot, a shop on Cherokee Street dedicated to selling locally made art and craft. Gryffin is half way through kindergarten and loving it.  Mike got a new job that doesn't involve getting yelled at all day long.  We had our family room, dining room and kitchen remodeled and we are all busier than one armed wall paper hangers.
That about covers it.  I hope to post on a more regular basis now that things are kind of, slightly, a little bit slower.

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Jenny said...

Wow, It has been awhile. Glad your life is going well!