Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nothing new for Christmas

Its just an idea.  The idea that with the exception of the gifts already purchased, I will buy nothing new for Christmas.  Left are friends and a few family members that are wonderful enough to realize that handmade is essentially heart-made. 
At this stage of the game, 4 weeks left, that puts me a little behind.  Ok, a lot behind.  I'm good under pressure though.  I've perfected that skill due to being a life-time procrastinator.  Besides I really do love to cook, sew and knit which is exactly what all of this would entail.
(Spoiler Alert!)
Some ideas of what I can gift are:

Canned bread- I have a monkey's load of bananas to freeze today that will be perfect for bread.
Frozen dinners- Sloppy Joe's, soups & chilis, pancakes and French Toast
Mixes- Jambalaya, pancake

Snuggies- Don't laugh, they're warm and come in handy and I have a bunch of fleece and flannel in the sewing room
Placemats, pot holders and aprons
Eco-friendly grocery bags that aren't ugly or free advertising for a store because there's about 80 tons of fabric in the closet
Recycled sweater mittens, hats or scarves.  I've got a ton of sweaters that don't fit or some small flaw that can be cut around

The Trifecta- fingerless mittens, scarves and hats

Along with whatever hair brained, crazy, crafty idea that springs forth because that's just how this red-head rolls.

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