Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jump on the real food is over rated train straight to hell, it's called pre-school.

I do my damnedest to make sure Gryffin has healthy, delicious food to eat.  Not only at home but to take to school as well.  A nutritious wide range of good, whole food is what I teach Gryffin to consume.  This is being undermined by school.  The one place where all children should learn this!
This morning one of the mom's was sweet and brought breakfast for the entire class, unfortunately this breakfast consisted of (gasp) McDonald's pancakes.   Parents are to supply snacks and beverages once a month for the class.  Today that consisted of a popcicle, Koolaid and individual bags of Doritos.  Where is the food in this?
Well, there isn't any.  It's just sugar and shit.
Maybe I'm doing my child a disservice in making his diet chock full of veggies, fruit, whole grains and lean meat.  Maybe I should be feeding him pre-packaged, pre-processed, pre-digested, food-type stuffs where they have to use a 'Z' when spelling cheese because there really isn't any cheese in it.  Maybe then my child wouldn't come home from school bouncing and crashing, moodier than me with PMS.  Maybe then I wouldn't have to worry about his lunch going to waste because he gets to fill up on crap at school.  Maybe then I wouldn't have to spend time making a menu, shopping and cooking for it when I could just pull a box out, boil water and call it dinner.  Maybe then I could just sell my nutritional soul to Chef Boyardee and make life easier... until we all end up fat, sickly and on so many medications we rattle when we walk.  Not that we would walk because that would be too much to ask from our vitamin starved bodies.
If you couldn't tell, I'm really peeved.  I want to change this.  I want to start a garden at the school then at snack time the kids could all go pick their own carrot.  I want to bring in home made granola bars or zuchinni bread but the school doesn't allow any home made food.  WTF people?!
I have a hang up about eating food from people's kitchens that I don't know are clean, but at this stage in the game I would rather eat food from a dirty kitchen than a food like substance from a non-biodegradable crinkly wrapper.  Then again, I might get just as angry to learn that what came from the dirty kitchen also came from a commercially produced box mix or can.
What happened to real food in America's diet?  What happened to family not only eating together but preparing meals together?  
It's time for me to stop bitching and get to making dinner.  A real dinner, with real food and fresh ingredients that takes only about 5 minutes longer to make than the microwaved, pre-packaged crap.

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Anonymous said...

This post sickens me. No homemade food! Doritos instead??!??