Monday, August 31, 2009

8 Days A Week

In just 8 days Gryffin starts school. This morning we started transitioning into the school morning routine: Get up, dressed and make bed at 7:30, breakfast and both of us ready to leave at 8:15. School starts at 8:30 and is (maybe) 5 minutes away WITH traffic.
Today Gryffin will be my little chef. Mike's department is having a Bake Sale Fundraiser Wednesday so I need to whip up some brownies and mini bread loaves. Don't know what kind of bread yet but maybe I will bring you in on the adventure.
Tomorrow is Open House at school. I think Mike and I are more excited about it than Gryffin, but that's OK. I'm sure when he sees the classroom, kids and gym he will perk up.
This week I also need to finish up the freezer cooking for the neighbors. Their baby is due any day.
That about wraps up this week, except for grocery shopping, another Sam's run and whatever pops up in between. I think that's plenty to keep me out of (too much) trouble. But right now I think I will drink the rest of my coffee and keep letting Scraps pretend he's a lap dog.

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