Saturday, March 24, 2012

GF Product Review- Arrowhead Mills AP Baking Mix

So in this journey to being Gluten Free I've tried many new things.  I did find a brand of bread that is tolerable (only when toasted) for sandwiches.  I've did find that corn pasta will hold up to a reheat whereas rice pasta turns to glue, but the consistency is still weird.  I've learned that my favorite candy bars are no longer a temptation because they all have malt in them, but at least I still have potato chips to munch.  I can eat as much fruit and veg as I can hold, but when it comes to salads I need to be wary of dressings.  I can eat meat, as long as its not deep fried in a glorious, golden, brown, delicious coating.  Yup, you guessed it- I'm really struggling with this.  I miss real pasta and pizza desperately!  That is why tonight I'm trying GF pizza.  I've tried the Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix before and it was a rubbery, heavy, bland dough.  Tonight I'm trying Arrowhead Mills GF All Purpose Baking Mix (found at Walmart for about $5 a box).  The box says that it can be substituted 1 for 1 with regular AP flour so that is what I'm doing.  I took my pizza dough recipe and used this instead of the regular flour. 
So far, it is definitely a much courser dough and lacks elasticity due to the lack of gluten but it rolled out OK and transferred to the pizza stone without incident.
First one is done pre-baking and seems a little heavy but at least the little piece I tried of it actually tasted like something close to the 'real thing'
Much better than Bob's Red Mill.  It reminds me of the thin crust pizza at Marco's down the street.  I do think I need to cook the crust more on the pre-bake than just 8 minutes.  If I have to eat thin crust pizza, I like it to be crispy on the bottom. 
Verdict- good enough to keep trying to perfect!

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