Thursday, April 02, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We returned home late Sunday night. The trip and visit was wonderful. Gryffin got to catch bugs, explore a cave, tour the Mothman Museum and pee in a cup. I think he was most excited about the last. We got stuck in deadlock traffic somewhere in Indiana and he just couldn't hold it anymore so we made Grandma hold the cup. Hee hee hee.
Gryffin was really good at keeping himself occupied while strapped in, he only watched one movie each way! On the way there we traveled at night and after the first couple hours he slept. On the way home he colored, played with his superheros and talked to us, kept us laughing the whole way. Damn, I love my kid.
His birthday party is the weekend after Easter at his dojo. Gryffin keeps telling us that he is determined to be a black belt. Hey, we need a ninja in the family, who doesn't?
The neighbors have been asking about when we are having our next party. We haven't had one in a few months and since we average one a month they are in withdrawl. So am I... maybe it will be warm enough for the Trailer Trash theme party. I can see it now... friends dressed in there trailer park best, empty beer cans turned into party lights, cheese that comes out of a can, pigs in a blanket and really cheap liquor. Or maybe a Wino and Cheez party, how about I make a bunch of egg rolls, crab rangoon and Chinese food or maybe even board game party. Of course the one theme I will never do with my crazy arse neighbors is truth or dare!


Sarah said...

As a crazy arse neighbor, I agree with your decision to NOT play truth or dare with this bunch! :o)

beqi said...

I pick truth every time. I'm a chicken.