Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you live around or near me, take your kid to the same Day Out program, hang out at the same coffee joint or know me in any way, shape or form- be warned. I am out of makeup. Completely.
I don't wear much, but what I do wear makes a huge difference. It covers the purple bags under my eyes and my teenage-like acne.
So, if you see a purple eyed, pimpled, disheveled and panicked woman driving like a bat out of hell today, it's just me rushing to the one and only store within 20 miles that sells the only makeup I can wear.


Anonymous said...

my turn for the coffee thru the nose!! you crack me up!---CCC

Anonymous said...

That's just the way I feel when I don't shave.
Oh wait I haven't shaved 35 years. . .
Guess Who