Wednesday, September 03, 2008

27 - 3 = 40

Today is the third, Strange Folk is starts on the 27th and I have 40 bags left to make, not to mention headbands, belts and other assorted accessories to crank out. What does all this mean? I'm in trouble.
All of this trouble is multiplied by the fact that I cannot find black canvas for under $8 a yard. I use this to make my messenger bags. That way they are super durable and hold their shape. If I use a lighter weight material I would have to use heavy duty interfacing, which is a total pain and ain't cheap either.
I'm sure with the few brain cells the alcohol didn't kill Saturday I will come up with something brilliant.


Ladybug said...

I will be on the lookout for cheap black canvas! :)

I know that you're going to get everything done in time.. have fun & don't stress out too much.

Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Here are two web sites that might helpful... and . The second is actually located here in Webster and is called Anatol's Fabric Outlet. Let me know if you want to check it out and we can meet up! Good Luck---Connie

beqi said...

Can you use the thick black twill sportswear fabric that Hancock sells? It's not AS durable as canvas, but it's pretty tough. They have it in all different colours, and it's denim-weight, and I think it's $3 something. Ask for 60" Sportswear.

SAHM I am said...

I did find some black canvas, $6 a yard but at least it's 60" wide. But thank you ladies for all your suggestions and offers of help. You chicks ROCK!